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“We focus on providing mid to late-career professionals with investment services to help them fulfill their commitments and aspirations.”
Chris Harp | CH Capital Management
What We Do

Helping You Navigate the Investment Advise Landscape

Many investment firms’ offerings are simple investment strategies that can be scaled quickly and marketed by salespeople that may have little investment industry education and experience.

In short, their business model is to gather as many assets as possible using an investment process that is easy to replicate, regardless of its efficacy for clients.

It is tough to know what to do with your investments these days. Investors of all types are bombarded every day by the index behemoths, online trading outlets, and various brokerage firms.

The index behemoths position themselves as inexpensive. The online trading outlets just want trades executed and assets. Neither has any personal interest in whether or not you meet your goals; they just don’t want you to take your assets away. None of these three are bound to the fiduciary standard we are.

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How We Help

Our clients come to us for many reasons.

We serve people who are:
  • Soon to retire and unsure of the best financial strategy.
  • Working families saving for college and retirement.
  • Recently divorced and needing guidance.
  • Inheritors of estates and seeking the best path forward.
  • Already retired and wanting to make their savings last.

If you’re unsure what to do in your current situation get in touch with us for a consultation and review of your current strategy.

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